Auckland Arts Festival regrets to announce that the outdoor aerial spectacle Place des Anges has been cancelled.

All three Place des Anges performances have been cancelled.

Because of coronavirus, flights around the world have been affected, including flights carrying cargo. This has stopped us being able to get the equipment for Place des Anges to New Zealand in time for the shows. So it has been cancelled and will not be on later in the year.

Auckland Arts Festival artistic director Jonathan Bielski said cancelling Place des Anges was a very difficult decision. “Cancelling any show is difficult and this was to be a truly magical experience. We apologise to all ticket purchasers for any inconvenience caused.”

AAF chief executive David Inns said freight has become a global issue. “We have now exhausted all options and today made the very difficult decision to cancel Place des Anges. Like the performers, we are all very disappointed that we are no longer able to present this very special show in Auckland.

"The costs to bring the freight to New Zealand for the show have escalated over the weeks to the point where it is now no longer feasible for the ongoing financial viability of the Festival.”

Auckland Festival Trust chair John Judge said the Festival Board had carefully weighed up all factors and cancellation was the only option. “We could not put the future of the Festival in jeopardy.”


Your tickets will be fully refunded and our team will be in touch very soon to arrange your refund.

You can contact us by email [email protected]


Produced by Gratte Ciel
Written and Directed by
Pierrot Bidon and Stéphane Girard

Grant Hancock & Tom Arran

Sponsored by

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Mortgage the house. Sell your possessions. Do anything that makes it possible to see Place des Anges. It is absolutely wonderful.

— The Advertiser (Australia)