Festival Patronage

Get behind Us

 Our Festival Patrons are a passionate group who generously contribute financially to the Festival and provide valuable peer support to our teamPatrons are crucial to the delivery of a world-class event in Auckland, and have a lasting impact on the life of the Festival and its transformation of Auckland every March.  Patrons support the endeavours of the Festival and in doing so enable us to: 

  • Enrich our city with life-changing arts experiences from around the world, bringing work here that is reflective of this place.

  • Provide universal access to and participation in the arts, via creative learning programmes, free events and performances that cater to our deaf, hearing impaired, blind and low vision audiences.

  • Be a key player in the commissioning, development and staging of Māori, Pasifika and New Zealand work.

  • Contribute to the Auckland economy, bringing many visitors and artists to the city every March. 

Patrons experience a variety of privileges including a personal preferential booking service, a complimentary ticket package, exclusive event invitations and recognition of support in the Festival’s marketing materials.


Auckland Arts Festival levels of Patronage:

Jade                $1000

Bronze            $2500

Silver               $5000

Gold                  $7500

Platinum          $10,000 plus 


Platinum Patrons have the opportunity to direct their support towards a particular show, artist or art form. There is scope for engagement with artists and their work on a personal level and through behind-the-scenes experiences.

We invite you to join our Festival Patron family. For more information please email our team at [email protected].

“As we live in an ever increasingly digital world, festivals, more than ever, allow people the opportunity to have live experiences, experiences which build bridges between different cultural outlooks.” – Silver Patron, Lady Dayle Mace*.

*Sir Chris and Lady Dayle  are passionate supporters of the arts in New Zealand and of New Zealand art around the world. Their support of Auckland Arts Festival and the Patrons Programme is essential to the Festival’s ongoing success and to the flourishing of arts in our city.  Thank you so much Sir Chris and Lady Dayle on behalf of the Auckland Festival Trust and your fellow Patrons.